The Most Dangerous Jobs For Oklahoma City Workers

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Injured On The Job? Our Oklahoma City Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help You

CNN Business shared an article stating, “Americans do work hard. Americans work an average of 34.4 hours a week, longer than their counterparts in the world’s largest economies. Many work even harder. Adults employed full-time report working an average of 47 hours per week.”  

Americans work hard to earn a living but, in some cases, people are injured on the job. When you or someone you know has suffered a work-related injury, it can be difficult to manage financially when you have to take time away from work.

Workers’ compensation is intended to cover your expenses and time away from work after an injury. But receiving benefits can be challenging when your employer or insurance company tries to deny your claim or limits the benefits you should receive for your work-related injury.

If you or a loved one have been injured while on the job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys know the ins and outs of workers’ compensation claims. With our experience and knowledge, you can focus on healing while we handle your case.

Call our Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorneys to help you through the legal process.

Dangerous Jobs

Injuries can occur in any work environment, but some jobs are more dangerous than others. Listed below are the most dangerous jobs in Oklahoma:

  1. Oil & Gas Operations– A wide variety of injuries can happen on drilling rigs including explosions, falls, and chemical burns.
  2. ConstructionConstruction sites can be dangerous due to heavy machinery, falling objects, and collapsed scaffolding.
  3. Manufacturing– Since these jobs include working in hazardous conditions and operating large machinery, injuries are not uncommon.
  4. Trucking– Due to their size and weight, collisions involving these massive vehicles can cause severe injuries.
  5. Foodservice– This includes restaurants, bars, etc. Slip and fall injuries are common in this job field, as well as back injuries caused by carrying loads of heavy materials.

Steps to Take After A Work Accident

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Oftentimes, people are unsure about what steps to take after a work-related accident. It’s important that you’re informed about the procedures to help you obtain workers’ compensation. If you’ve been injured on the job, consider following these suggestions:

Report The Accident Immediately

In some cases, people wait to file an injury report, but waiting to file can greatly impact a potential workers’ compensation claim. After the accident has occurred, report it immediately to your employer. Even if you believe you are not severely injured, it’s still important to file a report.

Seek Medical Attention

After the accident, you need to be evaluated by a doctor. If it’s a serious injury, go to the emergency room. If not, ask your employer if they require you to see a certain doctor or if you have the option to choose.  Also, make sure to follow all of the doctor’s orders and instructions.

Contact Legal Representation

If you are experiencing difficulty obtaining workers’ compensation benefits, were denied benefits, or believe the benefits you are receiving are inadequate, you need the help of our Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorneys.

Our team of trusted lawyers can review your unique case to see what legal options may be available.

Types Of Injuries

Work-related injuries vary and depend upon the nature of the accident. Some common injuries  include:

  • Muscle strains
  • Slips, trips, and falls
  • Inhaling toxic fumes
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Electrocution
  • Exposure to loud noise
  • Tendonitis

One thing to take into consideration is that not all injuries result in immediate pain. It can potentially take days before you start to notice any discomfort. That is why it’s imperative to file an injury report even if you don’t feel pain immediately. If you wait, it can be harder to receive benefits.

What Does Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance intended to cover medical bills and provide wage replacement for an individual that suffered a work-related injury. Benefits can include the following:

  • Medical expenses– This can include hospital stays, physical therapy, and medication.
  • Lost wages– In some cases, people have to take time away from work for recovery or appointments. Compensation may be awarded to make up for lost wages.
  • Ongoing care– Some work-related injuries require ongoing medical treatment. Compensation can help cover those expenses.
  • Funeral costs– If a loved one passed due to a work-related injury, funeral costs may be covered.

Every work-related injury case is different, so the amount awarded for workers’ compensation benefits will vary depending on the facts of your situation.

Am I Eligible?

Workers’ compensation eligibility is determined by numerous factors but, in many cases, employees are usually covered by some type of workers’ compensation plan.

If you are denied workers’ compensation or offered benefits that are not equivalent to what you suffered, we can review the case to help you receive what you rightfully deserve.

When reporting an accident, make sure to include the following information:

  • Location of the accident
  • What caused the accident
  • The names of any witnesses
  • The date and time the accident occurred

If you’re uncertain about how to proceed after you have reported your accident, our injury attorneys can help.

Contact An Attorney Willing To Fight For You

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If you or a loved one have sustained an injury, our Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorneys understand how difficult it can be to file for workers’ compensation benefits. We also know that benefits are sometimes not enough to cover all the expenses that accumulated after the accident.

It can be frustrating and overwhelming when trying to recover workers’ compensation benefits, but our lawyers can help reduce some of the stress you’re experiencing.

We are advocates of fighting for injured victims, and our goal is to help you obtain the benefits you rightfully deserve for your work-related injuries.

Our team of personal injury lawyers are ready to answer any questions you have about your work-related injury. We have three conveniently located offices in Oklahoma City, Ardmore, and Tulsa. Call us today at (405) 218-9200 or fill out our free consultation form.

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