Oklahoma Firefighters Can Now Apply for Workers’ Comp if They Develop Cancer as a Result of Their Work

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The National Fire Protection Association reported, “An estimated 374,000 U.S. homes catch fire annually.” Fires occur daily in the United States for reasons such as smoking, lighting candles, electrical issues, and cooking. Firemen place their lives in danger every day to save others. Although people realize the dangers involved with putting out fires, many people are unaware that firefighters also have an increased risk of being diagnosed with cancer.

A study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported, “When compared to the number of cancers expected using U.S. population rates, the firefighters in this study had a modest increase in cancer diagnoses (9% increase) and cancer-related deaths (14% increase).”

The apparent connection between the occupation and cancer has made it possible for firefighters to claim cancer as a work-related injury. An Oklahoma City workers’ comp lawyer at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys can help firefighters fight for the compensation they rightfully deserve if they developed cancer due to their occupation.

Work-Related Injuries

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Injuries or illnesses that are a direct result of an accident or exposure to a dangerous environment in the workplace can be filed as a workers’ compensation claim. In addition to smoke inhalation, burning chemicals, plastics, and synthetics can be highly toxic for firemen to breathe and can potentially lead to cancer.

We understand how an illness like cancer can completely change the dynamics of an individual’s life. Chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation therapy have major effects on a person’s health and daily lifestyle. No one should suffer from a work-related injury without receiving proper compensation. When you contact one of our workers’ comp lawyers, you will have an attorney on your side who has years of experience and is knowledgeable of the laws regarding work-related illnesses.

We believe our clients should receive workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries or illnesses so they can continue their lives as normally as possible. If you are a firefighter and have been diagnosed with cancer as a direct result of your job, you could potentially receive full coverage for your medical bills.

In addition to cancer, there are various injuries that firefighters can suffer including:

  • Infectious Diseases- Some could include hepatitis or HIV due to their high-risk environment.
  • Toxicity-  Exposure to smoke is deadly, but a wide range of chemicals in the air can also be toxic to the human body.
  • Jumps and Falls-  Due to dangerous conditions, it’s not uncommon for firemen to trip on debris or fall through a ceiling during a fire.

Resourceful Information

News Channel 9 in Oklahoma City shared an article about a recent registry for firefighters. “To improve monitoring and research on this topic, President Donald Trump signed House Resolution 931 into law recently to establish a National Firefighter Cancer Registry. The Oklahoma State Firefighters Association (OSFA) has been working with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to accomplish this for some time.”

Hopefully, the registry will shed new light on the possible connection between a firefighter’s job and developing cancer. “Researchers will collect information about risk, causal factors, and the impacts of cancer on firefighters,” the article continued.

To better understand the registry act, click the link below:

Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2018

Additional Resources

FireRescue1 is a site for firefighters that offers a wide variety of resources on topics including:

Check out their website for additional safety resources.

Fighting Claims For Those Fighting Flames

Fighting flames is a dangerous occupation for one’s health. Our passionate and experienced lawyers are aware of the health conditions a fireman can suffer as a result of their job. Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys can review your case and help determine if you’re entitled to receive compensation for your injuries caused by the dangerous conditions you endure daily.

Building a solid case for every client is vitally important to our law firm. We want to give back to those who help keep our city safe by fighting for the full compensation they deserve.

We are advocates for those that may have been diagnosed with cancer due to their work environment. We will use our resources and experience in work-related injuries to help build a solid case.

Representing Firefighters in Our City

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Our workers’ comp lawyers understand the risk firemen take every day to save the lives of those impacted by a fire. It takes a brave individual to continue to protect others in spite of the fact that it can increase their chance of developing cancer in the future. Our Oklahoma City workers’ comp lawyers know how cancer can affect an individual and their family. The stress and worry about what the future will entail can take a serious toll.

Our law office wants to help those suffering from workplace injuries, such as cancer, receive the compensation they deserve for their illness. Our attorneys handle every detail of your case so you can focus on recovering and living life as normally as possible. We keep our clients up to date on the progress of their case and answer any questions they may have along the way.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer while working as a firefighter, you could possibly receive compensation. Call the workers’ compensation lawyers at Colbert Cooper Hill Attorneys today at (405) 218-9200 or fill out our free case evaluation form. Our attorneys are ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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