Team Categories: Meet The Wolves

  • Mike


    The eldest of the pack, Mike is the leader and has a strong demeanor. You can often find him in the corner somewhere keeping an eye on everything, ready to jump into action if things go sideways. If you look up the word “loyal” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Mike. Always…

  • Niko


    No one comes between Niko and his favorite attorneys at Colbert Cooper Hill. While he may look like a playful puppy, this young wolf is a fierce protector of his pack. Caring, charismatic, and always ready to stand his ground, you can count on Niko to be the first one by your side in times…

  • Onnie


    Quiet and dependable, Onnie is the one people turn to during tough times to be a pillar of strength and tranquility. In the face of a challenge, he is calm and never backs down. Onnie is a natural problem-solver and always guides his pack down the safe and smooth path. When things get hectic around…