Why You Should Hire an Oklahoma City Lawyer After a Truck Accident

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a truck accident in Oklahoma City

Getting into a truck accident in Oklahoma City is never easy to deal with. Even if you walk away with only minor injuries, dealing with uncooperative insurance companies can be overwhelming when you’re trying to focus on recovery. A truck accident attorney can help. Learn why you should hire an Oklahoma City lawyer after a truck accident.

Insurance Companies Aren’t on Your Side

insurance adjuster inspecting damage after an accident with a truckWhen you talk with insurance companies and adjusters, they’ll often try to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. While this convenience may seem appealing when you want to put the entire incident behind you, it’s not going to earn you the best results. Insurance companies will almost always lowball their initial offer with a number that’s unlikely to cover the costs of your damages.

If you want to fight back against an insurance company that’s denying your claim, you’ll need experienced help. Insurance companies have specially trained lawyers who will do everything they can to poke holes in the validity of your claims. Having a lawyer by your side can help you build a rock-solid case and get the compensation you deserve.

Oklahoma Comparative Negligence Laws Are Confusing

Like most states, Oklahoma has a comparative negligence law in place. This means your compensation can be affected if you were found to be partly at fault for the accident, and it can make determining the amount of compensation you’re owed a bit tricky. For example, imagine that you sustained $100,000 worth of damages in a truck accident, but you were found to be 30% responsible for the accident. In that case, you’d only be entitled to $70,000 worth of damages.

Handling comparative negligence on your own may have mixed results, as insurance companies may try to overestimate your share of the responsibility. Additionally, Oklahoma law dictates that if you’re more than 50% responsible for the accident, you can’t get any compensation from the other driver at all. You need a lawyer by your side to help you prove that you were under 50% responsible so you can get the compensation you need.

You Need Help Fighting for All the Compensation You Are Owed

In addition to underestimating the extent of your damages, insurance companies may also leave out certain types of compensation altogether that you may be entitled to. Compensation essentially comes in two forms: economic and non-economic damages. Economic compensation includes quantifiable damages you sustained like medical bills, property damage, and even lost wages. The value of these is fairly easy to demonstrate.

Non-economic compensation is a bit harder to attach a monetary value to because it’s difficult to put a number to these damages. This includes damages like pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and even loss of companionship in cases of wrongful death. Having a lawyer by your side is the best way to get the compensation you’re owed.

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